Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Don't know what to eat for dinner?

Lazy to go out for dinner?

Or just lazy to cook?

Why not order Domino's Pizza?

Coz.. From now till 27 August 2013, you can get a
50% Discount Off All Pizzas!!!

No minimum pizza purchase required.
Enjoy Regular, Large or Xtra Large pizzas at just Half Price!

Regular pizza at $11.40 (U.P $22.80)
Large pizza at $14.90 (U.P $29.80)
Xtra Large pizza at $17.90 (U.P $35.80)


You can order them either via 
Domino's Website or iPhone App.

with Coupon Code: BLG95

 Following these steps to order

1. Click on 'ORDER NOW'.

2. Register an account.

3. Click 'Start Ordering

4. Click on 'REDEEM COUPONS'  

5. Enter BLG95 in the space provided


Visit www.dominos.com.sg now!


via iPhone APP
with Coupon Code: BLG95

Download the Domino's iPhone App Here:

 Domino's Pizza always taste fresh when delivered to your doorstep!
This is because they make sure the pizza is delivered to you within 30-Minutes after you ordered.

To ensure this, they have a 30-minutes Delivery Guarantee! 

Domino’s is the ONLY pizza company that guarantees your order will arrive within 30 minutes or they will give you a free Regular Pizza voucher on the next order!

And they even have a Product Satisfaction Guarantee!

 Domino’s guarantees satisfaction! Your friends will sure get to enjoy hot, fresh and great tasting pizza! Otherwise Domino's will replace your order or refund your money.

And best they are all NET PRICING!

They do NOT add any extra charges for delivery, ERP or GST. So what you see is what you pay. Isn't that good?

As a customer you get to 
choose the type of pizza size, crust and sauces!!!

Some recommendations:

Extravaganzza Pizza
100% Mozzarella Cheese with Beef Pepperoni, Cabanossi, Ground Beef, Fresh Onions, Green Pepper, Mushrooms and Ripe Olives. World Famous!
Juicy tender chicken meat.

Chocolate Lava Cake is a MUST TRY!!! 
Rich Heavenly Dessert! You will love it!!! =)

Quickly Order Your Pizza and Enjoy 50% Off Pizza
with my BLG95 Coupon Code Now! :)
(Valid till 27 August 2013)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

50th Post: Something Good about Pasley!

Take a bunch of parsley and wash it clean 
Cut into small pieces
Put it in a pot of clean water
Boil it for 10 minutes
Drink 1 glass daily
You will notice all salt and other accumulated poison  coming out of your kidney by urination.
You will be able to notice the difference  which you never felt before.

Parsley is known as best cleaning treatment for kidneys and it is natural!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Condom Holder for Your iPhone?

Playa Case - Protection for you and your iPhone.
Well I bet many people have not seen this casing before!!! 
The latest product from the guys that brought you the Opena Case!

This is “Playa” iPhone case, the first condom holder for your iPhone.
The case has a panel on the back which slides out to reveal a slim compartment, big enough to store two condoms.

Here is Chris from Australia regaling us with his fantastical story of how this smartphone case saves him from embarrassment and its usefulness in all types of situations:

 Now what if you put a 
bottle opener and a iPhone case together?

This is what you get!!!

The Opena is the coolest iPhone case on the market with inbuilt slide out bottle opener.

The Opena case was designed and developed by Rob Ward and Chris Peters, two mates who like to make things happen. Chris is an Industrial Designer with a passion for good design and Rob is an idea's man with a knack for online sales and marketing. Together they combined their powers to make the Opena case a reality. 

Check out the above products here:

So what are the other creative iphone cases you seen around?

Dokkiri Hand Case

Koolertron Thumbs Up 80's Retro Case

JuiceTank: Case with a Charger

EARonic Case by CollabCubed

Brass Belt Buckle by EXOvault

Chocolate Styled Silicone Case

iPhone Pro Concept
Waterproof Case by Sanwa

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pool Balcony

This.. be it a concept or anything... its jus so cool! :)