Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Condom Holder for Your iPhone?

Playa Case - Protection for you and your iPhone.
Well I bet many people have not seen this casing before!!! 
The latest product from the guys that brought you the Opena Case!

This is “Playa” iPhone case, the first condom holder for your iPhone.
The case has a panel on the back which slides out to reveal a slim compartment, big enough to store two condoms.

Here is Chris from Australia regaling us with his fantastical story of how this smartphone case saves him from embarrassment and its usefulness in all types of situations:

 Now what if you put a 
bottle opener and a iPhone case together?

This is what you get!!!

The Opena is the coolest iPhone case on the market with inbuilt slide out bottle opener.

The Opena case was designed and developed by Rob Ward and Chris Peters, two mates who like to make things happen. Chris is an Industrial Designer with a passion for good design and Rob is an idea's man with a knack for online sales and marketing. Together they combined their powers to make the Opena case a reality. 

Check out the above products here:

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