Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to Add Us to Your Bloglist.

This is for Blogspot user only.

1. First, login to your blogger

2. Click on "Design"

3. Click "Add a gadget"

4. Scroll down and select "Blog List" - like the one shown below.

5. Click on "Add to list"

6. Enter in the space provided and click "Add"

7. Finally, click "Save" and there you have added us. :)

Additional stuffs!
U can choose to display the bloglist in thumbnail form so that you can easily see what's the latest picture we've posted w/o even clicking on our link.

Simply check the "Thumbnail of most recent item" as shown below.
(This is after step four)

After adding us in your bloglist with the "Thumbnail of most recent item" checked, it would appear like the one shown below with the latest picture of the blog's latest post.

When u ADD US... u can gain some traffic to your blog too!

Why is it so?

Simply because when someone searches something which we have posted before or some keywords... it might directly linked to your blog as you've added us - in another words, your blog may appear in their search results as well.

Believing it is up to you. It was mentioned in some websites.

Add Us Today! :)

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