Sunday, August 1, 2010


I'm sure all these will make you recall back to your childhood, those good old days..

No one will know what is the feeling when seeing these pictures but only those are born in 70's & 80's will understand exactly how much we miss these...

What we used to eat...

Biscuits with icing on top..

Bubble gum – the foe of all primary schools

Mini chocolate snacks

Animal-shaped biscuits

mini chocolate snack with a small toy included in the box

Bubble gum which the wrapper has a temp tattoo behind – just wet it with some water, paste on your hand and the "tattoo" is there…. Until the next time you wash your hand :P

What we used to play...

Toy Soldiers

In Malay, this is called "Guli" but in English its called "marbles"

Wah.. this one i played before lor....
Toy Guns for guys... :P

We take a piece of paper and fold it into the cute shape above, this can be used for guessing games etc.


i've no idea wad is this...

some kind of toy which lets you send a spinning wheel FLYING into the air… usually comes with the mini chocolate snack

Good old-fashioned card games!


What did we call this??? I cant remember… some kind of mini control game… note the "FIRE" button and the "L" and "R" buttons for playing. This is fun.. hope i can play it again! :P

The mini penguins would be climbing up the stairs and come sailing down the slides… this is battery operated. Can probably be found at "Emporium" last time! haha..

Nobody can forget the "Yo-Yo" word!!!

Super Mario...

What we used to watch...

Some kind of cartoon which follows the Transformers concept.

Dragon-Ball Z

Japanese cartoon – abt the futuristic robot cat who could solve any problem in the world with his handy gadgets from the future!

were they on ur pillow or bolster cover last time?

Tom & Jerry is still a fav on Saturday mornings

The Ninja Turtles!

Popeye the Sailorman – children still hate eating spinach even after watching this. haha


What we used to have...

Cute erasers... i think i had the apple or orange one... :P

Pencil-cases that seemed like transformers!
cos can open here and there... haha~!

Erasers with flags..
used to play when the class is boring! haha... :P


  1. Oh my Oh my!!!! I've seen, owned and played with most of the toys!!! I've also tasted most of the snacks before!! Oh... those were the dayssss.... LOL... Anyways, dropping by & *click click*

  2. Wow! this really do reminds me when I'm young and guess what . I'm 13 only. XD
    Interesting and very original post . (Y)
    looking forward for more interesting posts . :D