Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Emirates A380


I know which thing comes up to your mind when you hear word “flight”. I know, I know, that is just terrible. And especially if it is a long flight, for an instance when you need to fly between different continents which usually takes not less than 10 hours. But recently, French company AIRBUS released last model of its huge offspring, Airbus A-380. This plane changed comfort level of flights and brought it up to standard. Now, when you are on such a plane, feeling of coziness doesn’t want to leave you and your legs don’t want to make a slightest move to raise you when it is already time to get out into a dull building of an airport.

And one Russian photographer, Sergey Dolya, snatched such an opportunity to experience an incredible comfort of flying on this plane. This was prior to Paris Air Show, exactly where Sergey was bound for. And now straight to the advantages of the aircraft:

Passengers of economy and business class enter the plane through the different jet bridges and they are separated from each other when on a plane. Economy class passengers are on the first floor while the business and first class passengers are on the second.

All the passengers being given comfy socks, sleep masks and stickers to know when it is needed to wake them up. The seats can be folded out to a full-length coach and if you are 6 and half feet high it won’t be a problem to stretch your legs.

17-inch touch screen monitor, an outlet, 2 USB ports and remote with sat-phone in it. Also there is a personal remote for each seat which controls massage of seat, lighting and position of the seat.

Also on the second floor there are 2 bathrooms and 2 bar-rooms. 10 restrooms on the first floor and five on the second one. Furthermore, there are 2 stairs. One of them is grand staircase and the second is winding.

Enjoy your flight!

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